R S Clare "Dutch Barn Site"


Caryl Street (off Stanhope Street), Liverpool, L8 5SG



Project Description

To remove existing hardstand and construct new one.  This will involve the following work to be carried out in relation to this project.


  1. To breakup and remove existing hardstand area and excavate to a down 1000mm for the purpose of creating suitable base for new concrete hardstand to be constructed.
  2. Remove the existing retaining wall whilst retaing undamged the coping stones.
  3. Construct a new retaining wall, making sure two course of brickwork will be exposed above level of new hardstand once poured.
  4. Install new "Armco" barrier along full length of newly constructed wall, matching existing.
  5. After the site has been cleared and made ready, construct a new hardstand consisting of a 200mm thick concrete slab and 150mm thick compacted hardcore base.
  6. Construct a new fork lift access ramp to hardstand.


As you can see from this areial photograph taken of the site, which is bounded in red, that it is surrounded on all side by other sites.  The site also has a 10ft wall on three sides, this has to be taken into consideration whilst the site is excavated.

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